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Monday, October 19, 2009
|8:24 PM|

Back Again...?

Suddenly I feel the urge to keep my blog active again...will this feeling remain; especially with my SUPER busy schedule? We shall see... =)

+ + +

Saturday, October 17, 2009
|9:34 PM|

EyeCandyLens: Beautiful Lenses for Beautiful Eyes...!

Being a person who do not wear glasses, the idea of me purchasing contact lenses and wearing them seem unwarranted. However, one fine day two of my friends started talking about pretty-looking contact lenses they saw on a website. They were looking at the site on a laptop and me being the typical busybody, went over to them and poked my nose into the site they were looking at. That was when I was first introduced to EyeCandyLens; a Canadian-based site that sells a variety of Korean brand contact lenses of different colors and designs.

The first thing I noticed was the pink and white banner and overall neat and clean layout. The color and pictures indicated to me that this was a site targeted at the female population and it definitely caught my eye.

The main page of the site features some of the site's latest products and offers. The site has some great discounts and offers every now and then so one must be sure to check it out frequently so as not to miss any great deals!

One thing I liked about the site was a bestseller list that is located at the right side of the site. It features the lenses that most people purchased and it helps one get started to look out for some really nice lenses (especially if you are new to the site). The site is very user-friendly and it is easy to navigate around.

For each lens on the site, detailed information is provided (e.g., manufacturer, color, diameter, water content, short description) and sample pictures of people and models wearing the lenses are provided too which helps when making decisions on which lenses to purchase. All contact lenses also come in plano (zero power) or your indicated lens power.

Lenses can be purchased in two ways: batch order or in-stock. Batch order purchases collects orders from buyers until a certain date before the order is sent to the suppliers to get the lenses. Therefore, if a purchase is made through a batch order, it would take approximately 2-3 weeks AFTER the BATCH ORDER has been placed by the site to the suppliers before reaching you. It is a long wait but trust me, it is worth it.

However, if you see a pair of lenses that you like in the In-Stock (IS) category, you can place your orders and they will be shipped within 48 hours after payment has been received.

Although the site focuses on contact lenses, they also have facial beauty products and cute contact lens cases that you could purchase.

After talking about the site, it is only fair that I show pictures of my newly purchases lenses. Being a fan of purple, I purchased the violet MX-21 lens. Since I was a total newbie to contact lenses, I purchased only one to try it out and placed my order through a friend with her account. After several weeks of anticipation, I finally got them! I was super excited but had to wait for 6 hours before I could try them on because the lenses should be soaked in solution for 6 hours prior to wearing them. Finally after the six hours, I put them on (which was surprisingly easy for a first-timer than me; took less than 5 mins!) and I was so happy with the results!

Lenses come in these cute small bottles. Bottles are sealed upon arrival (I already opened these bottles).

Lenses in clear contact lens cases (also purchased from the site).

Close-ups of my eyes. See the pretty color and how much bigger the lens made my eye look!

Alright enough pictures about my eyes and back to the site. EyeCandyLens offers shipping to just about anywhere in the world (of course, shipping prices differ according to country) and they even offer local pick-ups at certain public areas if you live in Canada. However, if you miss your pickup date and time, you will be blacklisted from the site so be forewarned!

If you aren't already convinced to visit the site and make some purchases, here's another reason why you should. EyeCandyLens offers DISCOUNT COUPONS to loyal customers! There are 3 types of coupons the site gives:

1) Referral Special: This would give a $1 off your next order if you get a friend to place an order on the site. Just email them your friend's name and email address and await their reply!

2) Link Special: All you have to do is link the EyeCandyLens site to your blog, LiveJournal, webpage, Facebook, and/or Tweet and you will receive a coupon for a 10% off your next order!

3) Blog/YouTube Special: After checking the site out and using their product(s), write a review on your blog or post a video review on YouTube. Send the link to them through email to receive a coupon for a FREE pair of GEO lenses! GEO is one of the popular Korean brands that the site carries.

So what are you waiting for? Check out EyeCandyLens now to select from over a 100 designs, make a purchase (or more), write a review, and get a FREE pair of contact lenses! I definitely am looking forward to purchasing more lenses in the future!

+ + +

|7:06 PM|

Been awhile since I posted. There have been a lot of stuff that has been going on. I've graduated and am doing graduate school now. 5 years to go...wish me luck!
Lots of work to do and lots of birthdays coming up this week...going broke!! Can't wait for the end of this month so that I can get my pay!


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Saturday, February 23, 2008
|4:51 PM|

Valentines 2008...

For Him...

From Him...

The pendant has my initials on it...

Last but not least....

From the one and only Pohz! Thanks a lot! I still don't have the heart to eat them until

Hope you guys had a great V-day!

1st year anni is coming up and I am looking forward to it...hehe...

Great guys are hard to find...thank you for being one... *hearts*


+ + +

|3:53 PM|

I have been neglecting my blog for the longest time ever that nobody probably visits my blog

Life has been really busy...CRAZILY busy... Malaysian Night 2008 is exactly one week away and I cannot wait for it to be over! My fellow Chinese and Malay dancers are getting along fine just as long as they do not forget their steps on that day *pray pray*. My wayang kulit is done *thank goodness*...Just preparing for the big show now!

Other activites: exams, assignments, social gatherings...these has all been keeping me occupied. We had our own BIG and trust me when I say big, CNY 'family reunion' dinner here at Lincoln. It was held at Ke Jia's house 2 weeks back (I think) and there were loads and loads of food! It was a potluck event and we each had to bring something. No pictures though because I forgot my camera! ><

However, here are some pictures from Sher Lyn's 21st birthday at Yia Yia's at Downtown Lincoln some few weeks back. We went there again last night for Christopher's 22nd birthday but again I forgot my camera so no pictures...

Birthday Girl and her boyfriend

Ted and Sher Lyn

Pohz and CM

Darren and CM

Jac and CM

Jac, CM, and Chi Min (another CM! lolz)

The Girls

Been a long time since I played pool

All in turqoise!

Yia Yia's has a lot of good stuff! Too bad I'm not 21 yet ><

On a totally unrelated issue, I have learned to cook! And my infamous dish....

Hehe...looks good no? Taste even better!


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